Genealogy Research on LIEBERMAN and FRUMKIN from Byerazino, Belarus #belarus


Hello all,

I am researching my family history. I am searching for any information about my great-grandfather's family (including siblings, cousins, ancestors and descendants) which I believe is from Byerazino. I don't have any family documents from Europe, but a WWII draft card indicates that my great-grandfather, Henry Lieberman (I think he was also known as Hillel), is from Byerazino and his wife's U.S. naturalization document says he was born in Minsk. So I assume he is from Byerazino. I have attached those documents and some other relevant documents that I've come across (including a record of an earlier marriage) in case that is helpful.

The attached documents indicate Henry was born in December 1882, but it's possible he could have been born a few years earlier or later. His father's name was Zvulun Lieberman (note that his death record lists his father as Julius) and his mother's name was listed as Rochel/Rachel (maiden name listed as Frumkin). I am told that Henry/Hillel was one of around six known children. He had a sister who moved to South Africa (whose name and family I’ve never been able to find), he had a brother (youngest of the siblings) that I’m told was Yosef who we think stayed in Russia/Belarus, a pair of twin brothers that moved to the U.K. (whose name and family I’ve never been able to find), and a sister Bayla (known in U.S. records as Rebecca/Beckie) that moved to the U.S. and got married. (My grandfather knew some of Bayla’s family but they’ve been out of touch for decades and we can’t get in touch). I’m told Henry/Hillel deserted the czar’s army while fighting in the Russo-Japanese war in Manchuria in 1904 and then made his way to Shanghai, to Bombay (India), to potentially either South Africa or Suez Canal and then lived with his twin brothers in the U.K. for a few months before making his way to America, his final destination.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to verify if my Lieberman family is indeed from Byerazino? And where to find records on the family when they were in Byerazino or the Minsk area? Unfortunately, I haven’t come across any good matches on JewishGen. Also, if anyone thinks they may have a family connection please let me know.

Thank you so much, 


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