Help finding a naturalization in ED or SD NY for Sosche TOBIAS #usa

Susan Goldsmith

Dear Genners,
Sosche TOBIAS arrived 13 Jun 1943 in NYC from Hamburg on the Vaterland., line 1.  
There is a notation on the manifest: 2-122347?, I think, if I am reading it correctly, dated 20 Feb 1943.  I am trying to find Sosche's actual naturalization documents, so far without success. 
I know the 2 is for New York; I tried the number 122347 in the FamilySearch catalog of films for ED NY, but it didn't work.  Do I know from the date that it is merely a verification date or is it an admission to citizenship date?  Does the number mean anything?  Have I read the number correctly? Is there a way to get Sosche's petition number?  I have tried GermanGen and JGSNY for Sosche or another name beginning with S with no luck. Should I start with 20 Feb 1943 as a naturalization date and go through ED NY films page by page?
Am I correct that only the ED NY actual naturalization documents are online on Family Search and not the SD NY actual naturalization documents? 
Is there a naturalization maven in the house?
Thank you,
Susan Goldsmith
San Francisco Bay Area, CA



Susan Goldsmith
San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA
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