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Max Heffler wrote:
Geni most certainly has a Sources tab for each profile
...but adding citations to it is well-nigh impossible, at least in the non-Flash interface. For links, it auto-generates an image which cannot be edited, which means that all FS citations have a thumbnail of an error message. And there are three or four layers of "just attach the dratted thing already!" involved in getting even that malformed citation onto a profile. It's no wonder nobody bothers.

Granted, other tree sites all have their own problems, sources-wise. On Ancestry, it's easy enough to attach Ancestry's sources (if you've paid them enough money recently), but good luck with outside sources -- you have to fill out a form that consists almost entirely of totally-inapplicable fields. (Author? It's a vital register, it has no author. Publisher? It's a vital register, it has never been published. Publication date? Grrr, what part of _not published_ is so hard to comprehend...?) And then it eats all the whitespace in the transcription. Oh, and if you need to attach the same source to another profile, you have to start over at the very beginning.

I've never managed to attach a source on MyHeritage. If I allow the tree-propagation process to add a cousin's mistakes, er, I mean entries, then the system can auto-generate a citation of the cousin's tree; I've figured out how to edit that citation, but I have yet to find a means of adding any others. (No, I haven't looked all that hard; the site has too many paywalls for me to invest too much time in it.)

WikiTree tries to emphasize sourcing, but the interface is pretty miserable; you basically have to write code, and it's not possible to link between the entry fields and the citations.

FS's sourcing can be a bit schizophrenic due to its misguided emphasis on indexed data, but overall, I find it easiest to use. I especially like the ability to write up a citation just once and then attach it to everyone mentioned, which is quite handy for things like funeral notices.

hccolby wrote:
But recently FamilySearch has recruited "volunteers" who now add whatever they want to my tree.
Huh? I wonder what has been mangled into this misconception. FamilySearch falls in the communal tree category: there is no "my tree" and "your tree" on the site, and everyone who adds data to the tree is a volunteer, including you and me. Yes, users make mistakes, especially when different people have the same name -- but nobody recruited those users, for any purpose; they're just people working on genealogy, exactly like you and me.

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