Help with Russian translation of Records on ViewMate #translation

Arlene Glass

I have posted records in Russian from Lomza Poland that need translation.  There is one marriage record and one death record and three birth records.The full translation is not needed. On most of the records I only need the date and place. There are two from the Kolaczek family and three from the Lampart family. 
The links are below. Please respond using the ViewMate form.
Thank you so much for your help.
Arlene Glass
Atlanta Georgia
Need only date of birth and place for Mala Kolaczek
Need only the date and place of marriage of Szjena Rochla Kolaczek and Abram Moszk Gimejnerman #61
Need only date of death and place of death for Jenta Lampart # 39
There are two records on this image. I need the date of birth, place and name of parents for each - Chaia Sora Lampart #255, Szejna Lampart #256

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