Re: Data Breach at GEDmatch has Concerns Over Privacy #dna #announcements

Jx. Gx.

Bob S:

By the nature of your questions to me its pretty clear that you deny any danger exists to genealogist if thieves hack into genealogy sites like GEDMatch or worse yet (because they have more customers) and steal personal information including DNA data. If the data held by genealogy companies isn't valuable to crooks as you have implied, then how do you explain the data breach at GEDMatch?  And by the way, do you really think that private equity is going to spend additional monies to employ a top-notch cyber security team and the latest versions of security software to protect your data when their ultimate goal is to flip their holding?  My questions are all rhetorical.  I completely agree with Robert Roth's response to you when he wrote: "I believe a healthy level of paranoia is warranted in this unknown territory." 

Jeffrey Gee

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