Re: Blitz family: trying to find my grandfather's brothers #records


Hi,                           10th August 2020

As you mentioned Hungary                                                              

I remember a BLITZ ANIKO/  Aniko Blitz being in the Budapest Jewish Orphanage--at Delibab utca 35  between 1964-1968

I left Budapest in 1970--so I do not know if Aniko Blitz remained in Budapest or not?

I wonder, was Aniko an 'orphan' or an  --emotionally and physically --abandoned child?   sadly, I do not know.

If you are interested, I can try to send some e-mails to Budapest in case my former school mates remember her./Aniko BLITZ.

Wishing you Mazel and Brocho in your research

Veronika Pachtinger

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