Re: Translation needed: Russian script to English #translation

Jules Levin

In going thru old message I came across yours.  I am not a native
speaker, but when I was a grad student I took an interest in Russian
calligraphy and practiced it for my own amusement.  I can't help noting
that this example is actually a very fine 19th Century scribal script. 
Since my eyes are 80 years old I would need to enlarge the sample to
read thru it, but I read the first word perezhivayushchaya very easily. 
The strokes observe the thick/thin norms, but are a little too "inky"
without enlargement.  You are not the only post-1918 native speaker with
problems--I think you have to be used to reading it to get it easily. 
Cyrillic calligraphy is I am afraid a lost art.

Yours, Jules Levin

On 7/18/2020 2:48 PM, sastakhova@... wrote:
I'm a native russian speaker, but this is hard to read. I copied the
part where the record talks about her parents. I would say it says she
is a daughter of a tradesman Yankel Gersha/Gerta and <don't
understand> born Orzhel (Оржель).

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