Re: Name of Marrero possibly Marrano from Puerto Rico. Possibly Jewish? #latinamerica #names

Sally Bruckheimer

" I been told that my family came from spain but they wasn't spanish they were Jewish.  They said that my last name change during the time but originally was "Marrano" "

Most, if not all, people of Iberian descent have some small % of Sephardic ancestry, since there were a lot  Sephardim there and  many forced / coerced / whatever conversions; and it is now 5 centuries back to the Expulsion, and more than 6 since the troubles started in 1391.  But you will have to find records of your family back until that point to see if anyone was Jewish (if you can).

And the Sephardi considered themselves Spanish for many years after the Espulsion. Marrano was a slur and not used by Jews.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

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