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Helen Gottesman

-- just found my husband's paternal grandfathers naturalization record for Max gottesman. We were told he grew up near Munkach/Mukacevo. His record shows two different spellings in Hungary neither of which I can find on or by googling the names .Any clues on Berth Bikurst for Max or Berek Bikush for his wife Fannie?I

Helen Gottesman

Boca Raton, Florida

Searching Schwarz Roding Germany
Gottesman from Munkacevo area
Dobrin,Davidsohn,Segall. Lublinski in Bukofzer Tuchel/Tuchola  Poland/West Prussia
Greenhut/Grunhut Germany, Bohemia/Czechlovakia
Bukofzer, Zempelburg, West prussia/Poland

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