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Over 15 years ago I did a little research.  My maternal grandmother's (from Cleveland) mother's last name was Sherman and there were Sherman cousins that I really did not know.  Her name was Zelda Sherman and married Joseph Kaufman and one of their kids was my grandmother Sadie. Her married name was Gordon. Here is an email I sent in 2001 to someone named Jack Buck who said he had no info. There was a big "cousin's club" in Cleveland and they would put on musicals and I know some Shermans participated in them.  Email me privately and I may have pix of that...

I am looking for information about Shermans from Vlodovka near Kiev
(we think).

Sholom-Naiach 1826-186? m. Pearl 1830-187?

Shandel m. Morris Zaslovsky
  Children Mitzi, Sam

Zelda 1883-1935 m. Joseph Kaufman
   Children Bertha, Sadie (died around 1972 age around 60), David, Sidney

Shifra m. Moishe Clossman
   Sam, Joe, Sol, Sadie, Pearl, Stella

Chi-Soora m. Mayer Mansky
   Children Ben, Jake, Abe, Sam, Dorothy, Stella, Rose, Jean

Geetla-Choma m. Yosel (The Water Carrier)
   Children  Stissy, Toilya

Avraham m. Russie Lubarsky
   Children Ben, Teddi, Zadel, Itzie, Razel

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