Re: Ancestry purchased by Blacksone #announcements

Jeff at SG

Anytime you put anything on the internet you lose control of it and what may one day become of it. That is inherent in that media. Regardless of what the 'small print' may or may not say.

The advantages of placing family trees on the web have been described by many. Loss of control and privacy issues are among the major disadvantages. 

Jeff Malka

Re: Ancestry purchased by Blacksone#announcements

From: Tockuss1@...Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2020 08:56:26 EDT

I am not sure if this this is a good news. A just profit orientated company buys one of the main genealogy websites. They would not do it if they don't see a chance to make more money. Hope the simple idea of knowing more about ancestors of the thousands of family researchers is not in conflict with this new structure in ownership.......

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