Records for Werner and Eisenhandler families for Nowe Miasto and Ulanov #poland #ukraine


For some time I have been researching my husband's cousin's family (Werner and Eisenhandler). The family lived for a time in Nowe Miasto and Ulanov before settling in Vienna. I have been told about Ulanow, near Nisko, Poland. Which official organization should I contact to find Werner/Eisenhandler records?
it appears there are a number of towns called Nowe Miasto, meaning New Town. Given the family travels, I think I can limit my research to the following three:
- Novoye Misto, near Dobromil, Ukraine
- Nove Mesto nad Vahom, about 50 mi,es from Vienna
- Nove Misto, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine 82022.
i imagine I may have to contact several organizations in order to find the records I need. Does anyone know how I should progress? This is turning out to be a much more difficult task than I realized!
Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
Maggie Jacobs

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