Re: Online trees #general

Eva Lawrence

One thing that has just become clear to me is that a lot of the
difficulties of JewishGen users with Geni may be due to a language
problem. Geni was historically run to a great extent by German
volunteers, though more recently it has become much more Anglicised and
also fussier about accuracy.
As for the ideological difficulty of not controlling you own family
tree, it's one I have as well, particularly as I prefer to call my
female ancestors by the names they were born with,a feminist habit I
picked up when looking at the ones in various old French-German
records.. So I do confuse all the Geni and Ancestry people unless I'm
careful. But basically, the two aren't mutually exclusive. One can do
both if one has the software on one's own computer rather than on a site
in the cloud which one doesn't administer. and which one has to pay for
the service into the bargain.
It's only this year that I've heard about the large amount of research
being done by members of Geni and MH in little-known (by me) European
archives, and that of course might be worth aa subscription.

Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

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