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Your kind offer is greatly appreciated, Mark.

I recently found a treasure trove of letters (1932-39) written to my late father from his parents. Several were from his father, Wolf Aron “Wilhelm”  Stern.   All my dad ever said was that when the Nazis came into Vienna, his dad went “east, to see if he could find a safer place for them.   

My dad said his father had been born in Dolina (or Drohobycz), but I’ve found no documentation of that. These newly found letters reveal that he was in Stanislawow. The return address was Halicka 28 / 6,  Stanislawow. 

I found the 1939 census data which listed a man by my great grandfather’s name,  Hersch Stern, at that same address. [Stanislawow index full Jews-07-07-2018.xlsx  ]  (Wolf Aron “Wilhelm" Stern   was not listed.)  

Hersch had been wed to Chane Feige Hass who, I think, died some years earlier. She was the daughter of Shlomo HASS and Chany WEINREB (WINELEAF) probably of Drohobycz.
My dad was a SHOA survivor, and, like so many others, did not talk about the past. 
I do know that my grandfather Wolf Aron Stern had siblings:  
    Dawid   wed to Basia / Bertha Willgot
    Bernhard wed to  Terri ?

Anything you find would be priceless.

Many thanks, 

Barbara Stern Mannlein
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On Aug 10, 2020, at 6:15 PM, Mark Halpern <mark@...> wrote:

In addition to the online index entries, JRI-Poland has some index entries for Stanislawow that are not online. If you would like a search of those offline indices to identify if your surnames are in those records, please send me a private email with your surnames. 

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