surname LOBEL #general #romania


I just learned why my research for LOBEL in Roman, Romania dead-ended. The name LOBEL that my uncle assured me always had been Lobel, was not accurate. E.G., mostly it was first name and then son of Lieb. Other times it was Leiba, Leibil or Leibovici. Luc Radu researches old Moldova area, and he found a trove of birth, death and marriage documents showing how the Lobel name evolved. (He also translated each  for me.) He explained that my ancestors were illiterate (signed docs with thumbprints) and spoke mostly Yiddish. When a government clerk recorded a birth, death, etc., he would write the name as it sounded to him through my ancestors' likely heavily accented Romanian. I am telling you this story, because you might run into the same issue as mine, and a researcher can make all the difference. 
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