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Tzvi Schnee

I am making an attempt to determine a few specifics on the tombstone of Azriel, one of my great grandfather's brothers from the Bolechov cemetery. Primarily, the honorific used before his father's name is v'harabeinu, as in "v'harabeinu minh Yaakov." I am almost certain that this is more than an honorific; and, that in all likelihood, the word, "rabeinu" on the tombstone indicates that my great great grandfather Yaakov Schnee was a rabbi. Any confirmation by someone who is familiar with tombstone inscriptions would be very helpful. I have attached two documents, one of the text of the inscription, the other is a photograph of the tombstone.

Additionally, the word directly preceding his son's name (Azriel), whose tombstone this is, having died in his early twenties, is hei-aleph-veis-resh-final kof. I.e., ha'avrech (?) min Azriel. I thought that this might indicate that he himself was a father; because, I know that he did have an infant son at the time he passed away. A clarification on this would also be helpful.

I would further appreciate any detailed information that could be given to me, regarding the word "rabeinu;" I am particularly interested in knowing whether the phrase "harabeinu minh Yaakov" might indicate whether or not he was a rabbi with a congregation. I know that he was chassidic, because I have testimony that he wore peyos (side curls). 

Thank you very much for any information that can be provided to shed light on these questions of mine.
Shalom. - Tzvi Fievel Schnee

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