Burial Society at Mount Hebron Flushing, Queens, NY #usa

Alva Noonan

On my father's side my grandparents, Sigmund & Rose SINDER BALTER. Rose's parents, Abraham & Dora MENDELSON SINDER. Dora's sister, Rose/Rachel MENDELSON SALASNICK & husband Max. Are all buried in Eliohu Meisels Society section.
That society/lodge is years out of existence. I have never found anything with even a clue of who or where this was and why they are buried there. It had to be a choice to bury in that section since they did it over years, 1918-1968.
One thing I have located was an Eliyahu Hayim  Meisel (1821-1912) who was The Rabbi of Lodz. Listed in YIVO encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe. I don't know for sure their origins before NY in 1905. Is this a clue? Should I be searching in Lodz? If love to hear some opinions. Thanks!

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