Re: Online trees #general

Marcel Apsel

I have my tree on FamilyTreeMaker which can be transferred to a Gedcom file.  As I mentioned before, once I gave the data file of my tree  to a cousin asking him only to share with family members.  He put it without my permission on geni, as I mentioned it too and it became a sholent, kigel and kishke.  I was very furious on him, because I have to respect privacy for some family members who are very strict on their privacy.  Of course that cousin could not take my tree off Geni and since then I never send a tree in any kind of a gedcom file, but download it in a PDF format which I can send to anybody of the family.

I know who Channa Oppenheimer is.  I used to be friendly with her mother and was invited on her parents wedding.  Her father ? Buchinger went back to the States and her mother, with whom I have no touch anymore, still lives in Antwerp, I suppose.  They live on Belgiëlei 161; a friend of mine used to live in the same apartment block.

Marcel Apsel

Antwerp, Belgium

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