Translation of Postcard Note and Photograph Requested #germany #usa #photographs

Peter Dreifuss

I have posted on ViewMate both sides of a U.S. postcard received by my grandparents about 1911. I am requesting your help translating the German script on one side and the person in the photograph (if possible) on the other. The German text can be found at the link found at and the photograph at Please respond via the forms provided on the ViewMate image pages.

I believe the postcard was sent by Fanny HESS (who is the woman in the photograph), who would marry Leo STRAUSS in New York in 1916. Fanny and my grandmother Karolina HESS DREIFUSS immigrated together as young single women from Fulda, Germany in 1906.

Thank you very much.

Pete Dreifuss
Silver Spring, MD

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