Translation of Hebrew Text (written in Germany in 1735) Please #translation

Justin Levy

Hello everybody,

The short text below forms the introduction to the "new" laws of the community of Schweinshaupten in the northeast of Lower Franconia. They were written in 1735 by the Jacob Breslau, Chief Rabbi of the Grabfeld district.

Many years ago, the late Steven Lowenstein provided the following romanisation of the test:

hisasfu kehal yoshve Schweinsthaubten la’asos lo-hem takaonos chodoshos…….. / 
takonos ha-yeshonos ulhoros lo-hem ha-derech asher yelchu bo {…} ha-ma’aseh / 
asher ta’asun a”p [al pi] ha-din ve-lifneshem {…} ve-osiso lo-hem takanos ka’asher yevo’or lemato be-ritson / 
kol kehal vecho tiyeh ve… tekayi’ey

But due to the quality of the image, some words eluded him. I would be very grateful for fresh pairs of eyes to possibly the fills the gaps and enable a full translation.

Many thanks,

Justin Levy
(Dubai, UAE)

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