Reb Yossel and Zelda WEINSTEIN (spelling?) Vilna, 1800s #lithuania #names

Susan Sorkenn

Reb Yossel was a rosh yeshiva, and Zelda was a commission merchant for Polish nobles. Is there a variant spelling for Weinstein I can check? His name was originally a form of Romm or Rumsch. I know he had an uncle, Yitzhak ben Moshe Rumsch, a schoolteacher, who translated "Robinson Crusoe” into Hebrew from German. Yossel and Zelda were my maternal great-great-grandparents. Their son Moishe Aaron, an auditor of liquor sales, married Malke Eilperin from the outskirts of Vilna. I’d be greatly appreciative if anyone can lead me to more information about my family.

Susan Sorkenn <sorkennwellness@...>

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