Cybulsky/Zibulsky/Tsibulsky/ Or ? #ukraine


I am seeking information on my great-grandfather Feivel Zibulsky (Tsibulsky/Cybulsky, or any other variation of the spelling), as well as his first and second wives, who lived in Kodyma, Ukraine. Feivel Zibulsky and his second wife perished during the holocaust who both died heroically, and as martyrs. Yad Vashem has no record of them. His daughter was Mania (Manya?), married to Max Gorbaty, and immigrated to Montreal, Quebec. His other daughter, Genia (Jenny), immigrated to the Bronx, New York. I will be attempting to fill in the form Pages of Testimony for Yad Vashem, but need other information to fill in various blanks.  As such,  I am trying to find data I don't already have: given names,  birthdates (or assumed birthdates), occupations, where they may have lived prior to the war, or anything else. I have been told that Feivel Zibulsky lived on a farm, but that he probably didn't run the farm. Much appreciation in advance for any responses to my queries.
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