Need help finding information about family from Khiton in Bessarbia #bessarabia

Rick Zeckel

I am doing some research for my wife. Her father's family came from what was, at the time, either Russia or Romania but is no Ukraine. The family name is Bukaresky which, it seems, was not uncommon for the area. Her grandfather came to the US in 1912. His name, as it appears on his Naturalization papers, was Abe Bukaresky and he was from Novoselytsya. The information I've been able to find elsewhere (and what has been passed down from her late aunt) is that he was from Khiton. Can someone explain the apparent discrepancy? Also, from what I've been able to piece together from various US documents and what little is on JewishGen, Abe's father was either Abram or Yankel; he was probably called both as some of the US documents show it as Abraham Jacob. Abe's paternal grandfather was named Kelman. The family was involved with a brewery. I'd really like to pin down more information about the family but am somewhat at a loss on where to look. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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