LIVERPOOL HOPE PLACE SYNAGOGUE Book re 1836 to 1930. #unitedkingdom #records

Barry Clarke

This is a very rare book by Philip Ettinger. I don't know its format, so I don't know how easy or how difficult it might be for someone who has a copy to research a name for me? I understand it has a great deal of information on its members.

I have an original letter, dated November 20th, 1903, from the (UK) Foreign Office addressed to REV. A. RUTKOWSKI ar 3 HOPE PLACE, LIVERPOOL. The letter is a formal request for him to deliver to (my great-grandfather) JACOB CLARKE, at 9 Elizabeth Street, a passport and to get his signature and also to return to him his Naturalization Certificate (I have the original of that too). I am assuming, therefore, that JACOB  to have been a member of the Hope Place Synagogue congregation.

The only other information I have re Liverpool is on the 1901 census, where the family is living at that 9 Elizabeth Street address. Jacob's wife is MOLLY CLARKE and their children are HENRY and GERTY. There has been a suggestion that Jacob and Molly lived in Liverpool earlier after arriving from Poland in the early 1880s, but we have no evidence to support this. We know for sure that they were living in Dublin in 1890 and that they were still there at the time of Jacob's Naturalization in 1896. So, it was sometime after 1896 when they moved (back?) to Liverpool. Molly and the children emigrated in 1905 to S. Africa. Jacob then or sometime after emigrated to Israel where he had always had the desire to die. I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to find any records of him there. 

Any information or mentions in this book of the family (which possibly could also include MAX CLARKE and his wife ESTHER LANDSBERG), would be most interesting. Maybe Hebrew names? Maybe Polish names? Maybe Hebrew classes for Henry and Gerty? Maybe financial contributions? Maybe participation in services, events .....? I am writing a family history but this era and Jacob's life is a complete mystery; nothing is known by living family about him. 

If you have a copy of the book, I look forward to hearing from you and would appreciate any suggestions.

Barry Clarke
British, living in Sarasota, Florida, researching  STEIGLITZ OR SIMILAR; SZKLARKIEWICZ OR SIMILAR that became CLARKE in London, Dublin, Liverpool, Bulawayo, Cape Town, maybe USA too; BIENSTOCK OR SIMILAR that became BARNETT in Wales; MYERS in Manchester and Cape Town; NEUMARK that became NEWMARK in London and USA; LEVINSON changed to BRAHAM in London. All families originally from Poland.

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