Re: [Old] Yiddish Translation #translation

Yitschok Margareten

Here is a short translation of 2b.
If a detailed translation is needed I can do that as well. 

Dear Mr. Kopkin 
Upon your engagement I honor you with this handmade work [probably referring to "Ketuba B _ Z"].
Followed by his health and financial situation, that he needs money for medical purposes and his finances hardly covers his regular daily expenses in addition to his son's widow and 5 orphans, and the small poor community can't help him.
Followed by a request for a donation.

Argentina2.jpg translation:
This is my younger son when Rachirke was here he took it ... and they have there ...

Buenos.Aires.1a translation:
For memory from your brother-in-law and sister-in-law and brother Harry and Anna Katz
Buenos Aires 15/10 1912

Ketuba B _ Z is a handwritten Mazel Tov wish with blessings to Yaakov Kopkin and Sadie upon their engagement. Written January 1927.
I can provide a full translation if needed. 

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