Answer to question about Christine Usdin's census translations that was asked during the Latvia SIG meeting on Thursday #latvia

Stephen Weinstein

A small number of records are freely available at

A much larger number of links (about 20) are at and also go to records that you can freely view.

(The numbers I am giving are the number of webpages, not the number of records.  The number of records per webpage is not consistent so do not attempt to compute the percentage that is freely available or to estimate the total number of records from those that you can view.)

At there are the links to occupation-based pages that I listed at the top of the this post and then there are an even larger number of geographic-based links (over 100) that go to a paywall saying "Sorry to say, that, henceforth, the translations of the records and census are available only by contributors.  If you wish to contribute ... Then I shall send you all the links of my translations."  At this time, I don't recommend contributing, because I don't think it's an automated system that sends out the links without her; I think that she sent the links manually and that they are no longer sent.  At there is a list of who contributed in 2012-2013 and should have received the links.  If you recognize any of the names on the list as someone you know, you may be able to contact them and ask if they still have links that still work.  I don't know if you will be successful.

Stephen Weinstein
Camarillo, CA, USA

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