Re: What's a Cutter? #usa #general


Well, guys sounds like none of you were ever in the garment trade. The cutter or cutter/marker, as they were also called, laid out multiple layers of fabric on a table. He then placed the pattern pieces on the fabric pile and laid them out in the most efficient way to utilize the fabric. He then marked the fabric and using a steam tool, later electric, he cut through all the layers. One marking and cutting was good for many garments. I think all of the cutter markers were trained schneider's. But it was a specialized job and as my grandfather, a schneider who owned a factory said, it was the most important and specialized job in the factory and well paid. I remember watching Mr. Klein, my grandfather's cutter/marker with fascination. Some cutter markers worked independently, cutting for men who contracted out the sewing, or contracting the sewers themselves. Now asking what jobbing was. 

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