Re: Need help finding information about family from Khiton in Bessarbia #bessarabia

Yefim Kogan

Hello Rick,  Hello everybody,

These are interesting questions, that is why I am replying to the whole group.

It is not clear if you did any searches at the JewishGen / Romania (Bessarabia) Database....
I just tried a bit and found that we have a record from 1895 about your family name and that they were brewers...

Vsia Rossiia 1895 Business Directory


Searching for Surname (phonetically like) : BUKARESKY
1 matching record found.
Run on Sun, 16 Aug 2020 07:59:04 -0600

Surname Given Name Patronymic Occupation Year Column # Town
BUKARESKII     brewer 1895 56 Khotin



Also there are many other records for that family in Khotin, like Voting list with 14 such records.
What is very interesting that there are 5 Birth records from Novoselitsa for this family name.  There are total of 70 matches.

I would suggest to do a search for this family name and look into each record closely.

You had also a question about a discrepancy, that family was from Novoselitsa, but in some documents it was written Khotin. 
Here is explanation.  Khotin is a town,  but also a district (uezd in Russian), and Novoselitsa is part of Khotin district.  Also Novoselitsa is not far from Khotin.   In documents some said that they are from Bessarabia, others would say from Khotin...  probably some would say - Russia.

You also wrote in the beginning of your message that family came from what was, at the time, either Russia or Romania.  I would say that here it was Russian Empire, and Bessarabia was a province in Russian Empire. 
There is more interesting fact about  Novoselitsa.  The whole Khotin district was part of Moldova Principality until 1774 when the whole region of Bukovina was annexed by Austro-Hungary Empire, that included district of Khotin, but in 1812 the region Bessarabia went to Russia...  and at that time border between Austro-Hungary and Russia went thru town of Novoselitsa.  It was like that until 1918.  Well, because your family wrote Khotin... that means that they lived in Russian (Bessarabia) part of Novoselitsa.

All the best,
Yefim Kogan

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