Re: Answer to question about Christine Usdin's census translations that was asked during the Latvia SIG meeting on Thursday #latvia

Ellen Caplan

Stephen Weinstein,
You wrote "At there are the links to occupation-based pages that I listed at the top of the this post and then there are an even larger number of geographic-based links (over 100) that go to a paywall . . . .  If you recognize any of the names on the list as someone you know, you may be able to contact them and ask if they still have links that still work."

* The Dvinsk Rabbis, Cantors and Ritual Slaughterers
* Doctors, feldshers, dentists and pharmacists
* The houses of prostitution
* List of the Jews who lived in Dvinsk, but were born or/ and registered in Vishki.
* List of teachers, melameds and pupils in Dvinsk 

I am listed as a donor during that period, and I am able to access the links to these occupation-based pages.
Is JewishGen able to access these pages, and therefore enter the information into the data base? If not, will someone "collect" the information from those of us who had donated to Christine Usdin's effort and therefore still have access?

Ellen Caplan
Ottawa, Canada
Researching: EISENBERG, NAGLER, GINIGER, KLINGER: Mielnica, Ustye Biscupie, & Zalescie, Galicia; BREGER, LIEBMAN: Gomel & area, Belarus; PARADISGARTEN,  SOLOMON: Tukums & Mitau, Latvia

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