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Mark Halpern

Dear Loryn:

I am the Bialystok area coordinator for JRI-Poland. I have searched our online database that includes all Bialystok Jewish vital records though 1905 including the years 1885-1892 and cannot find any records of the children of Josef and Ethel. There are many SZEWACH record indices both online and in our offline collection covering years after 1905. These record indices are not yet in our online collection. The closest I find is a 1907 birth of Ber KLATNICKI son of Abram ben Aron/Boruch from Lopenice/Wolkowysk and Pesza SZEWACH daughter of Iosel. 

It is very possible that the family lived in Bialystok before immigration and the children were born elsewhere. Have you found any US records with town of birth for the children?

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland Bialystok Area Coordinator


On 2020-08-16 10:31 am, Loryn Hudson via wrote:

I am looking for records on Josef Pinchas Schewach (@1865-@1922),  his wife Ethel Kletinitski Borrison (@1865-?), and their children, Chai Schewach (1885-1936), Dore Schewach (1889-1964),  Borukh Schewach (1891-1941, and Rebeckah Schewach (1892-1950).  All of the children were born in Bialystok, Poland and came to the US.  Ethel and Joseph might have originally come from Belarus in the Grodno area (Luuna?).  Their immigration records (1905-1908) to NYC indicate the last city they lived in was also Bialystok.

Loryn Hudson

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