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Amos Sobel 4X4MF

I am looking for a researcher which will be able to overcome the following statement: 
" i
n response to the e-mail letter of 3 July 2020, I kindly inform you that the registry offices in Poland do not carry out genealogical searches and records of related persons and the register of civil status (births, marriages and deaths) kept in the registry offices are not publicly available. [1] Genealogical research is only possible after the civil status books have been transferred from the registry office to the territorially competent state archive, since only after the state register has been transferred to the public archives that they become publicly available. [2] The deadlines for keeping the books in registry offices are 100 years for the books of birth and 80 years for marriage and death records respectively. "

Which was made by:

Registry Office

Capital City of Warsaw

3rd Faculty of Registration of Civil Status and Zabużański Books

Zabużański Books Section

I need the researcher to find the birth records of my cousins born in Stryj and Rozniatow , Galicea between 1925 and 1942 before the records are 100 years old and I am gone.

All help will be appreciated

Amos Sobel
Haifa Israel


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