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Lee Jaffe

My great-grandparents had a farm in Rosenhayn which, with Woodbine, Alliance and Carmel, was one of the communities established by Baron de Hirsch in southern New Jersey. collectively known as Vineland.  I have a clip from a 1978 interview with my grandfather recalling the time on the farm in Rosenhayn.  He remembered that the land was poor and difficult to farm and an entire year's crop of lima beans – 12 bags – shipped to the Bird's Eye packing plant earned the family a total of $0.13.  The family can be found in the 1900 US census, my great-grandparents Henry and Bessie Jaffe, with 7 of their children (one remaining behind in Poland to complete his rabbinic studies).  The last child was born in NJ in Dec 1899 or Jan 1900.   My grandfather says his father bought the farm but I was still surprised to see that the family reported on the census they owned the farm. 

I have uncovered a few sources about the "Colonies" not reported in previous messages:

Farming Communities of New Jersey

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Lee Jaffe

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