Re: Help needed with a translation from what appears to be hebrew or yiddish text in my DAVISON grand-mother prayerbook ? #translation #yiddish #germany

David Shapiro

Many of the pages are a list (with names and dates) of children who were circumcised by the author. Pages 4-6 list the births of his own children, many of who did not survive. On page 7 there is one more circumcision and then he records the death of his wife, Feigel 10 Av 5591. Page 8 is the signature of Shmuel Zanvil son of D. Pages 9 and 10 are in German. Apparently the author was Joseph Davidsohn, and his wife Feigel was called in German 'Fanny Gavriel' (Gavriel being her father's name). Shmuel Zanvil is called in German 'Samuel Joseph Davidsohn' (again using his father's name). I can't follow all of the German, but I notice a mention of cholera. Page 11 is the title page of a Haggada.

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