Re: Schewach family in Bialystok #poland

Loryn Hudson

Hi Mark,

Thank you for letting me know and for your help. Abram ben Aron/Boruch KLATNICKI  was Ethel's brother.  We don't know how Pesza SZEWACH daughter of Iosel is related. Where is  Lopenice in relation to Wolkowysk?  Was there a birth location for Pesza?  Was there any additional documents for Aron/Boruch KLATNICKI. 

I have the immigration and naturalization records for Boruch Schewach.  He was born in August of 1891 in Bialystock and immigrated in December 1910. Boruch's last residence was Bialystok. His father Josel was listed as a relative.  Josef's location was Grodno.



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