Re: North Adams, Massachusetts - early Jewish settlers #usa

Adam Cherson

Due to some research I’ve done focusing on several villages in what I call the ‘Barukha Triangle’ (the area inside the triangle created by Lida, Vilna, and Minsk), I've caught glimpses of a Rabbi Dovid Rudnik who went from the Triangle (specifically, Traby) to North Adams, MA in 1884. He produced several children there (who I believe stayed in the N. Adams area).  He then proceeded to live in Cohoes, NY, where he boarded in the home of a family originally from Dieveniskes, so I believe there is a connection between the N. Adams and Cohoes communities, as well as between both places and several towns inside the Triangle. The Rudnik family was a rabbinical dynasty family and R' Rudnik may have been an early rabbi for the N. Adams congregation. Feel free to contact me offline if any of this may be of interest.


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