Re: LIVERPOOL HOPE PLACE SYNAGOGUE Book re 1836 to 1930. #unitedkingdom #records


Typing error:  Years should read 1888, 1889, and 1900
Whilst writing I wonder if anyone could shed any light on my g.grandfather Robert (Reuven) Lipkin's ancestry.  Born in 1856, in Zagare, Lithuania,  he settled in Liverpool and in 1878 married Leah Hesselberg of Liverpool.  They had 8 children, and he became successful in the furniture business.
Though very active and well-known in the Liverpool Jewish community, the only information I have from his naturalization papers apart from place  and date of birth, is that his parents were Isaac and Hannah.  It remains a mystery as to whether he was related to Rabbi Israel (Salanter) Lipkin,, or in fact, any of the other Lipkins in the world, including the Liverpool Lipkins.   
Although he appears on many Lipkin family trees, nobody has been able to provide any documentary proof that he actually fits into their trees, and all searches over many years have not been productive.  
If anyone can help, I'd be very grateful.
Thank you.
Kathryn Berman, Jerusalem

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