Looking for Ancestors dating back beyond the mid 1800s (Blumenthals and Meyer - or similar spellings) #germany #names


I'm creating a family tree and on my Father's side he is 1/4 German (making me 1/8 German as my mother has no German genetic traits and ancestors).  But I digress. I understand that the surname "Blumenthal" dates back very far and many Blumenthal families were quite extensive. My third-great grandfather was named Nathan Blumenthal (Born 25 APR 1838 • Giebelstadt, Würzburg and Died 30 JAN 1920 • New York, New York). His wife's name was Caroline Meyer (Born 21 OCT 1848 • Germany and Died 8 APR 1900 but the location is unknown). I would appreciate any data agglomeration on their ancestors (such as their parents, places, grandparents, etc). I have all of the information on their children and all of the way to me. Much appreciated! If anybody needs clarification just let me know. Thanks

Matt Levine

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