In search of descendants of POSTERNAK family from Zhitomir #ukraine

While working with a researcher in Zhitomir, Ukraine we have discovered the names of my husband's great grandfather's family.

Our Louis Post was born in Zhitomir in 1876 as Luzer POSTERNAK which is also spelled as PUSTERNAK. He was the son of Kotel POSTERNAK born around 1838 and Chaya Moshkova Vinokur. We just learned our Louis was one of 10 children, 7 of them lived past the age of 3. I am looking for descendants of the following siblings. If any of these names are on your tree, please send me a message:

1. Ios POSTERNAK(born 1867) married  Shifra FLEISHMAN and they had 6 children:
* Chava-Tsipa Posternak born 1896
* Avraam Posternak born 1898
* Mendel Posternak born 1903
* Mesya Posternak born 1904
* David Posternak born 1909
* Faytel Posternak born 1910

2. Mariam-Chasya POSTERNAK born 1869
3. Yuda-Leib POSTERNAK born 1872
4. Arye POSTERNAK born 1873 married Hinda Kimelblat and had 6 children
* Chasya Posternak born 1900
* Ena Posternak born 1902
* Ruvin Posternak born 1904
* Sura Posternak born 1907
* Sheyndl Posternak born 1910
* Lifsha Posternak born 1913

5. Yakov POSTERNAK born 1885
6. Ruchel POSTERNAK born 1890

Rhonda Post
Silver Spring, Maryland

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