Shalom and Ester SCHLOSSER #poland


Hello all,
I'm researching my ggf and ggp family and I can't seem to find any more information going further back in the family line.
So all I know is that Shalom and Ester Schlosser (daughter of Arie Israel) lived in Bialystok where they had 5 children: Yasha, Leon, Sonia, Liza (who then became Aliza) and Roza.
Sonia died at the age of 18, Leon got married and had a son (Abrasha) but they were murdered during the Holocaust. Yasha had two daughters. And Aliza and Rosa moved to Israel with their mother Ester at the late twenties afaik.
All this data was provided to me by my mother and her sister, Aliza's daughters.
Ester died in Israel in 1939.

I'd be truly grateful for any kind of information I can get on the family and will truly appreciate any kind of help.
For more information, feel free to DM me.

Nieve G.

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