Looking for SAPOTNISKY and MOSTKOV/OFF Slutsk #belarus #russia


Looking for the Sapotnisky and/or Mostkoff family from the Slutsk/Minsk area.

Great-grandfather Leibe Mostkoff married Chaya Sapotnisky. They had five children: (Motl, born about 1877,married Dvoira Portnoy); Israel (born about 1878, married Chifra Boruchovitch); Isodore (born about 1888, married Annie Frank); Hinde (married a Charchas or Kharaks) and Keili (married a Rubin Iscovitch).  I would guess from the children’s date of  the children’s births, that Leibe and Chaya were born about 1850.  All of the children, with the exception of Hinde, emigrated to Mexico and the United States. 

Israel Mostkoff and Chifra Boruchovitch (daughter of Nachman Boruchovitch and Pesha Polak) married about 1904 and had five living children, four of whom also emigrated to Mexico (Abram, Leibe, Mikhail and Dvoira, known in Mexico as Abraham, Luis, Miguel and Dora).  Tanya remained in Russia and married Iosef Baskin. 

Israel’s death certificate (as well as his children’s marriage certificates) lists his name as Mostkoff- Sapotnisky /Zapotnisky)  and that he was from in Minsk.  We have obtained a copy of a Russian memoir written by Tanya Mostkoff Baskin that is rather detailed about this family including names and places as well as other relatives of the family- but nothing is mentioned about the Saptonisky family. The family lived on Sadovaya Street in Slutsk Belarus at least until Chifra, Leibe, Mikhail and Dora emigrated in 1928.  Tanya was the only child of Israel and Chifra to remain in Russia.  Tanya mentions her paternal grandparents Leibe (Mostkoff) and her grandmother “Haya”, although she was much closer to her maternal grandparents- Nachman and Pesha and wrote more broadly about Nachman, her aunt Malka. and her cousins (although I’m not sure if it’s maternal or paternal cousins she’s writing about).  She did write about her cousins Masha and Nina Bunin, whose father apparently was killed  by bandits.The Pinkas of Slutsk mentions such a disaster, with several men having been killed in the robbery on the way to Minsk. 

The Sapotnisky name is baffling and I’m having trouble finding records that match with Chaya. I also don’t know if she had any siblings so searching for other family members is difficult. Jewishgen has entries for Sapotniskys in/near Novogrudok/Minsk, but I’m not aware if any of these Sapotniskys may be related. .  

Where should I go from here? Saptoniisky doesn’t appear to be that frequent (although spellings differ).   I’d appreciate any suggestions on how to locate any branches of the Sapotnisky family (or even the Mostkoff family prior to their arrival in Slutsk). 

Also, as a shot in the dark- we'd like to get the memoir translated into English as it contains tons of information that other families may be interested in (lots and lots of names), but it's about 50 pages and using google translate is only good for so much. What's the best way to get a document like this translated?

Wendy Cadieux
New Hampshire, USA

Searching: Mostkoff, Boruchovich, Polak, Sapotnisky (Belarus), Borenstein, Bauman, Ayzensmidt (Poland) and Mexico.

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