Re: Town called Chodlsoff #galicia

Stephen Denker

I had several replies - all of them very much appreciated!!!

I purposely did not want to give too much information, so as to not
prejudge any suggestions.

My grandfather grew up in a small town - Jagielnica, Galicia and
emigrated >from there in 1898. But apparently according to his
naturalization documents his 55 year-old mother went elsewhere for
his birth - perhaps because there had been a cholera pandemic in
Galicia for several years before my grandfather was born in 1870. She
and her family had lived continuously in Jagielnica since the 1700s.

Likely pronunciations make Chodaczow (350 km away), Chochlow
(300 km away), Khodoriv (150 km away) seem like good choices, but
Jagielnica's proximity to the nearby city of Czortkow (10 km away)
where better medical facilities (1870) were available makes it seem
like a better choice.

Stephen Denker
Brookline, MA
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