Re: LIVERPOOL HOPE PLACE SYNAGOGUE Book re 1836 to 1930. #unitedkingdom #records

Barry Clarke

Very kind of you, Kathryn, to take the time to look through the book. I have come across a couple of places where it is for sale at a hefty price! Even though the Clarke family is not mentioned, unless it is too long, would you be kind enough to list the contents or otherwise indicate the type of information the book provides. Basically, I am wondering if it would be worth buying a copy for an insight into the life of the local Jewish community in Liverpool at the beginning of the 1900s. Does anyone else who may be reading this thread have a recommendation of a book re Jewish immigrant life in Liverpool this era?

Thank you all,

Barry Clarke
British, living in Sarasota, Florida, researching  STEIGLITZ OR SIMILAR; SZKLARKIEWICZ OR SIMILAR that became CLARKE in London, Dublin, Liverpool, Bulawayo, Cape Town, maybe USA too; BIENSTOCK OR SIMILAR that became BARNETT in Wales; MYERS in Manchester and Cape Town; NEUMARK that became NEWMARK in London and USA; LEVINSON changed to BRAHAM in London. All families originally from Poland.

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