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As far as the spelling variants are not necessarily wrong. You can find different spellings for the same family. My own Scheuer family in official records has several spellings from Scheuer to Scheier, to Sczayer. In American records it is sometimes Schoyer. That's why Jewishgen and other genealogical sites provide soundex searches. 
There are many strange stories about how names got changed. In my own family, I know that his grandfather definitely came to the US, the family here paid his passage, but no one in the family ever saw him here. He changed his name and disappeared, abandoning his wife and child. Sadly, it wasn't that uncommon. In other cases, the person just didn't like their name. My granddad from Lithuania got on the boat as Scharje Nuran and got off the boat as Reuben Neuren. In your case, coming from Lasi, Rumania, you may never be able to figure it out. I think Lasi had the largest Jewish population or the second largest in Rumania. Interesting, my husband's lost grandfather was Davod Marcus married to Yetta Schwartz, all from Lasi.
Janet Marcus

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