Re: Records for Werner and Eisenhandler families for Nowe Miasto and Ulanov #poland #ukraine


Please excuse me for not replying sooner but I haven't had an internet connection over the last few days.
I haven't come across the Metzger family while researching our Eisenhandler and Werner connections.
I am particularly interested in Tobias Eisenhandler, born 1865 - I think in Nowe Miasto, but I have no birth record to
officialize this. I know nothing definite about his parents. He married Lea Werner, who was born in Ulanow in 1867. Once again, I have no birth certificate or marriage certificate. They had five children, all of whom used the surname Werner (common at that time, I am told). The first three children were born in Nowe Miasto between 1890 and 1898. The fourth was born in Ulanow and the fifth in Vienna. Tobias and Lea were divorced on 24/12/1918 in Ulanow. She died in Paris in 1938.
Tobias married twice more, first to Lotti Reinisch on 3/5/1920 in Ulanow and they were divorced on 15/7/1920 in Ulanow. He later married Frieda Zahler, born on 18/2/1895 in Poland. Tobias and Frieda had a daughter Rosa in 1926. All three of them perished in Treblinka in August 1942.
i don't know whether any of the above appear in your family tree.
Good luck with your research,
Maggie Jacobs

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