Re: How do I access the actual image at the Lithuanian historical archive #lithuania


The Vilnius State Historical Archives participated in the Archives Portal Europe project.  I thought that they had put some documents online, but when I checked before responding, I only found catalogue information, I could not find digitized documents. Carol Hoffman's information is more current than my information.

The Archives Portal Europe project is vast, and requires working in a variety of languages.  If someone else finds
links to actual documents, I hope that they will share the information.  I found a catalog listing for one interesting file, but I do not know if LitvakSIG has already indexed it.
The file is Vilniaus rabinų mokykla (Виленское раввинское училище) (Villnius School of Rabbis).

The link to the Archives Portal Europe listing for the Lithuanian State Historical Archives is:

Peggy Mosinger Freedman
Atlanta, GA USA

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