Latvia Database / Christine Usdin Clarification #latvia #records

Marion Werle

The Latvia database's Christine Usdin vital records collection is based entirely on the translations of the late Christine Usdin. There is no need to access Christine's original webpages, which contain the same data.. The ONLY thing that has changed is that the links in our database to the original Russian records on the Latvian Archives website, known as "Raduraksti," no longer work, due to a complete redesign/replacement of the website. There are NO links on Christine's old website.
FamilySearch has since filmed these records. We will be working to correct the database links in the near future, pointing to FamilySearch, whose links are more stable. In the meantime, we will be posting the slides presented at the Latvia Research Division meeting last week, which describe a workaround for finding the original vital records. The workaround will also apply to the 1897 census records from the All Russian Census Latvia database, not all of which have yet been filmed by FamilySearch. #Latvia #records

Marion Werle, Co-director, Latvia Research Division

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