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I am researching Mankoff/Mankovetsky/Monkowski relatives in Russia and Poland. 
Records indicate they resided at different times in Berdichev, Vinnitsa, Riga and Bialystok. 
My cousin Jeff Mankoff and I are interested in finding a researcher for those areas. 
Below please find the earliest data available that Jeff has discovered so far:
1. Baruch Mankoff/Mankovetsky b. 1841 (possibly in Berdichev) d. 1912 (possibly in Vinnitsa)
        a. Baruch married Rose Langerman Mankoff b. 1850 d. July 9, 1931 in either Potter, S.D. or Minneapolis. Rose's parents were Lev Langerman and Minnie Weinstein)
2.  Raize Mankoff/Mankovetsky b. 1835
3. Mousza Monkowski b. 1832 in Bialystok d. 1888
4. Isaac Mankoff/Mankovetsky b. 1851 in Riga d. December 21, 1931
5. "Papa" Mankoff/Mankovetsky b in 1795 
        a.  "Papa" married "Mother" Wexler b. 1800. 
        b.  "Mother" Wexler" had a brother Noah Wexler b. 1810.  
        c.   Their "Papa" Wexler was born in 1770
Look forward to learning if anyone else is researching these relatives as well as being referred to a researcher in these areas.
Todd Samovitz
Also researching:
SAMOVITZ/SAMOVICS (Benedike and Nagygejoc, Hungary)
IZRAELOVICS (Benedike, Hungary)
FRIEDMAN (Horlyo, Hungary)
GROSS/GRINGRUS (Ulege, Kamentetz Podolski Guberne, Russia)
ZIPPERMAN (Zhvanetz, Russia)
BERMAN (Kovel, Lithuania)

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