Re: Jewish Agricultural Colony in Woodbine, NJ #usa


My great-great-grandparents (DORFMAN) from Kishinev, Bessarabia brought most of their family to Painted Woods Jewish Farming Settlement in 1882.  Their daughter, my great-grandmother who was their oldest child, did not arrive with he family from Kishinev until 1885 and my grandmother was soon born in Painted Woods.  Her younger brother also arrived to America in 1882, but he went to the Alliance Colony in Vineland, NJ.  Maybe he thought that Vineland had better opportunities, or maybe he was waiting to see how things turned out in Painted Woods.  Either way, in 1884 he came to Painted Woods too and eventually earned his homestead.

I do not know how Woodbine attracted participation, but major contributors to Painted Woods sent a flyer out to Bessarabia (and probably Ukraine too) to attract Jews who were interested in farming.  See a picture of the flyer and more information at 

Richard Levine, Florida
Researching LEVINE/LEVIN (Ukraine, Lithuania), FORMAN/FURMAN (Lithuania/Belarus/Ukraine), CORREN, CONFELD/CONFELDT/CORNFELD (Romania/Hungary/Bessarabia), DORFMAN (Bessarabia/Ukraine), WINNER/WIENER/VAYNER (Bessarabia), ADELE, SILBERWASSER/ZILBERWASSER (Poland), KALISH/KALISZ (Brzeziny,Poland), JERUZAL/JERUZALSKI (Poland), NAJMAN/NEJMAN (Brzeziny,Poland), SZAJOW (Poland), GUTMAN (Poland), GILLER/HILLER (Brzeziny,Poland), SENDER (Lodzkie,Poland), WOLRAUCH (Poland)

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