Zurow, Poland - US Hevra Kadisha #records

Dalya Dektor

Going over a file folder of documents from a deceased relative I found the following which did not belong to my relative:
1.  "Revised Constitution and By-Laws of the Chevera Beni Israel Anshi Zuro; Galizia Inc"  for former residents of Zurow, Poland.
2. A list of the "Chevra Anshi Zurow Society"  members with addresses and phone numbers. 

This is not part of my family's documents. If someone would like to have these, please let me know.

Dalya Dektor
Camarillo, CA
AST from Brzezany, WEINTRAUB/SPINDEL from Galicia, DEHKTYAR from Balta, STERN/KLEIN from Focsani

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