Does anyone have Volume II of the 3rd edition of The Unbroken Chain? #rabbinic

Ted Gostin

I'm trying to find a copy of Volume II of the 3rd edition (currently in publication) of Neil Rosenstein's The Unbroken Chain.  Unfortunately, all libraries in my area are still closed, and so I can't review it at any library.  I don't want to spend $100 on one volume of a multi-volume work just to review a couple of pages.  The indexes of the current volumes show that Volume II has the family I am interested in.

If anyone has a copy of this book and would be willing to check something for me, please contact me off-list.  I need to compare 2-3 ages to see how the description of a particular family compares to the description of that same family from the 1st edition published back in 1976.


Ted Gostin
Sherman Oaks, CA

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